Scenic Designer Edward Pierce talks design adaptation and supervision.


Edward Pierce Brings ANGELS IN AMERICA from Page to Stage

BroadwayWorld is shining a spotlight on the stellar designs of this Broadway season, show by show. Today, we continue the series with Edward Pierce, a Tony nominee for his scenic design of Angels in America.


Designers Eugene Lee and Edward Pierce on Creating the Look of A Streetcar Named Desire

“Tennessee writes, at the top of every scene, rather specifically, about what time of day it is, what it feels like […] each scene is carefully crafted […]”


Simplicity Is Key for the Angels in America Set

We spoke to Edward Pierce, the TONY nominated scenic designer for Angels in America about the challenges of transferring a show from the West End and where he draws his inspiration from.


10 Secrets of the Angels in America Set

Edward Pierce is nominated for his first Tony Award for his design adaptation of the record-breaking Broadway revival of Angels in America.

15-Wicked Slide Show.png

Behind the scenes of wicked: creativity in set design

Artrageous with Nate goes to New York City to get a behind the scenes look at the set, alongside scenic designer Edward Pierce.


Edward Pierce, on bringing ‘Angels’ to America

Edward Pierce answered the call to adapt what he described as a “massive physical production,” […]


11 trucks, 16 hours, 80 stagehands and one amazing set

Before any cast members take the stage audiences are whisked away to Coney Island in the early 1900s. The set is astonishing with a wooden roller coaster track, blinking lights, and the classic Coney Island ride signs that are very distinctive to the time. The stage comes to life largely because of Edward Pierce, stage designer for the show.


The Massive Mass – Pope Benedict XVI at Yankee Stadium

“There weren’t a lot of changes from concept to reality,” Pierce said. “It was more about preserving that initial concept to the best of our ability.”